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Sell Side Advisory
Jashanmal Consultancy has a proven track record of maximizing value for clients in the marketplace when acting as a sell-side advisor on their behalf. We closely manage and lead each step of the process, from the creation of a transaction roadmap to the negotiation of terms through to advising on the execution of the closing documents.

We invest substantial resources to understanding each of our clients and their businesses, including identification of strengths & weaknesses; assessment of the micro- and macro-economic industry trends affecting the business now and in the future; evaluating its historical and current financial performance, and projecting its future results. This rigorous work helps us best understand the company and become its advocate in the marketplace.

We take a comprehensive view of the marketplace by canvassing it to find the right buyer or investor for each sell-side assignment, including fully exploring all possibilities. We leverage our relationships with a wide swath of well-qualified buyers and investors to increase the potential of an optimal outcome. Of course, and most importantly, we work with our clients to understand their sensitivities to ensure information is not shared with any non-approved parties.

Our process and project methodology ensures we create a transaction environment that is beneficial to our clients by creating competitive pressures and deal momentum. At the beginning of each transaction process, we create a detailed project roadmap that we carefully execute in order to achieve a successful close. This approach promotes clear communication and progress assessment with our clients, ensures the integrity of the overall project and provides for the desired standards of confidentiality.

This approach enables us to streamline the transaction process, gain access to critical counterparties, understand the particular facets of each client's business, and ultimately, maximize value.
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